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Unique Flower Vase

About the brand

UAU PROJECT is a design studio based in Warsaw, Poland.
Founded by Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski, graduates from Industrial Design Faculty on Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. They are exploring and experimenting with consumer oriented 3D printing for use in home production to show that 3D printing is the best way to make good design sustainable & accessible.  They use either biodegradable or highly recyclable materials.

- Collection of six elegant geometrical vases
- Bright Lime color.
- Inner Glass insert included
- Made in Poland
- Made only with the best grade PLA
  (biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources)
- Product Details
  Dimensions: 11.5 × 11.5 × 15 cm

**All the products will be Custom made once the order is confirmed.
  Approx. 3 weeks. For the estimated delivery time, please ask to our Consumer center email. 

Our mission is to share an authentic and global experience with the people we love, and ultimately to empower the local merchants and brands who truly focus on high quality products of their region.

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